Fest Fire Security

Fest Fire Security has a commitment to identifying ourselves with the best and largest Fire Equipment Manufacturers while maintaining a distinctive profile. We want our clients to feel confident that their assets are well protected against fire and that they can benefit from the personalised and exceptional service.

We are The Great Name in Fire Protection.

Fest Fire Security services and supplies a wide range of clients, including Mines, Fuel stations, Shopping malls, Hospitals, Restaurants, Homes and National Banks, among others. We cater for custom required fire suppression equipment. Do not let your property or ownership be at risk or fall under the possibility of accidental fires. Choose a reliable and trusted source for your security and personal safety. Our dedicated support teams and consultants are standing by to gladly assist with any queries.

We bring you state of the art revolutionary fire suppression systems and equipment. Since 1981 Fest Fire Security has forged alliances with the best fire extinguishing equipment manufacturers worldwide to supply our valued clients with a full range of fire suppression systems and fire protection equipment including: