Inline Inductors

Inline Foam Inductors

Fest Fire Security supplies the highest quality inline inductors making sure you always get the right foam proportioning for a fire suppression system.

What is an inline inductor?

An inline inductor also known as a foam-proportioner is a device use specifically in foam fire suppression systems to proportion the quantities of a foam concentrate with a water stream and deliver the mixture to the suppressing system. An inline inductor is designed to create a venturi effect that creates higher back pressure and increased flow rate at a point. When the inlet pressure increases or decreases it affects the outlet pressure and thus also the proportioning. Inline inductors are designed with a pre-determined water pressure to supply the correct proportioning at that pressure and discharge rate.

Inline foam inductors are a cost effective means of incorporating foam into a water system. They come in a variety of different materials and sizes. Units can be supplied with a high quality foam feeding tube for the foam inlet. Units are also available as fixed or portable.

Inline Inductor Design Image