Vehicle Fire Suppression System

Providing protection to initiate a safer working motor vehicle
Vehicle fire suppression can be incorporated as a stand-alone system, a manual/automatic fire protection system or as a simple hand-held extinguisher.

Mining, Industrial and Agricultural Vehicle Fire Protection

It’s no doubt that the mechanics that operate laboriously have higher risk of a fire hazard. This is true especially for mining motor vehicles.

From small vehicles to large off road and heavy equipment vehicles we supply and service extinguishers and custom built extinguishing systems for all types including Bulldozers, Compactors, Drag Lines, Drills, Excavators, Forestry harvesters, Graders, Haul Trucks, Loaders, Military Vehicles, Scrapers, Slag pot carriers, Underground mining vehicles, Waste haulers, and Agricultural vehicles.

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Commercial Vehicle Fire Protection

Although commercial vehicle fire suppression is not as commonly installed as for the vehicles that do hard mechanical work, it could nonetheless be regarded as a necessity. In the case of an accident, motor vehicles can easily be caught up in flames and trap a burning victim inside.

For the vehicles that don’t have an automatic or stand alone system installed, a hand-held fire extinguisher should be equipped and easily accessible by hand. Feel free to contact us for any assistance.

Liquid Agent Cartridge

Liquid Agent Cartridge Image

Applications include:

Used in a stand-alone system which uses freeze protection and foam properties to extinguish flames and cool down heated surfaces quickly.

Dry Agent Cartridge

Dry Agent Cartridge Images

Applications include:

Used in n Automatic or manual system that uses a dry chemical agent for Class A, B, and C fires.

Extinguishing System

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Applications include:

A light weight automatic or manual system which uses high speed infrared optics to detect a threat. The system can be applied to virtually any vehicle.

Vehicle Automatic Fire Suppression System

The Automatic Fire Suppression System (AFSS) provides fast, reliable fire protection for occupied and non-occupied areas in a wide range of vehicle platforms.

Engineered for minimal weight, size and ease of integration, the AFSS is centered on unique high-speed infrared optical detection and central alarm/control. Within milliseconds of a slow-growth or rapid-spread explosive event, fire is detected and contained with a field-proven agent, and activated either automatically or manually depending on the severity.

Over the past four decades, the ANSUL brand has been built around the unique protection and compliance requirements for customers throughout the military and heavy industry. The ANSUL AFSS is no exception.

High-Speed Valve and Cylinder Assembly

Optical Sensor

The Quad-IR optical sensor technology used by the AFSS is unique, with an unmatched ability to differentiate between open flames and hydrocarbon signatures from non-threatening sources such as cigarettes and engine heat. Quad-IR optical sensors help eliminate false alarms and accidental engagement – preserving protection for when it's actually needed.

Electronic Control Module (ECM)

The Direct release system utilizes the tubing as both fire detection and fire suppressant delivery system. The portion of the tube nearest to the hottest point of the fire ruptures, forming an effective discharge " nozzle". The pressure drop in the releases the entire contest of the cylinder through this nozzle.